Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

So ready to take the plunge and book that trip?  That’s fantastic!  But for some, it might be too daunting a task to book a multi-city vacation in a foreign country.  I get that.  I’d suggest starting off easy.  Pick a city about an hour or two in away in any direction from where you are that you’ve never visited.  A city or town you know nothing about and try a trial run on a weekend.  It doesn’t matter if you drive or fly.  Just go.  

You’ll quickly realize if you even enjoy traveling alone.  A lot of people feel like a fish out of water without their friends and family near them.  They need to feel connected and having someone there is a type of security blanket.  That’s perfectly fine.

But if you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be independent, just try it if only to say that you did.  You’ll realize your strengths and weaknesses pretty quickly when you’re the sole decision maker.  And when you get back, you’ll appreciate the time you have with your friends and family even more.  


Ultimately, you’re only a drive or a flight away from home and I bet you’ll surprise yourself in the process

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