Off Peak Travel

One of the biggest tips I can provide for the solo traveller is to travel during off peak times.  Excluding the use of airline miles and rewards points (another discussion), it is single handedly the easiest way to save money on airfare and hotels (the two largest expenses of most trips).  Obviously there are pros and cons to travelling during the off season.  Some pros are that prices are lower and there are fewer crowds.  Of course, some cons are that the weather may not be ideal and some attractions may be closed for maintenance.  

Side note to all this is to try to know when/what major holidays are celebrated in the countries you’re visiting.  Remember Thanksgiving is celebrated in the US but not elsewhere.  Cherry blossom season is important in Japan.  The Water Festival is huge in Cambodia.  Try to see if any major holidays could fall on the dates of your trip.  Off season may not necessarily have the same meaning from one country to the next.  

The choice is ultimately yours but if you’re looking to maximize your time and money while on vacation, I’d highly recommend going during off peak times.  

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