Cheap and Unusual Eats



There is one instance where even I can admit being alone could be a little awkward.  Eating.  Now, if eating in a bar or a cafe and I’m able to watch TV or read a paper, that’s perfectly fine.  However, even I will admit that eating alone can be a little awkward if the setting is a little more intimate.  My work around to this is simple.  Eat at street vendors.  I actually prefer eating from street vendors because it’s usually much cheaper than eating in a restaurant and it’s much more authentic to the local cuisine.  

The one thing I hate more than anything when travelling is eating in my hotel.  I see it as a wasted opportunity to meet people and/or eat authentic non-touristy food.  Street vendors allow me to eat like the locals and not knowing exactly what you’re eating is half the fun in my opinion.  Obviously other people are eating this so it isn’t poison and since these vendors are typically not in the touristy areas, they’re much cheaper since they’re catering to the locals.  I’ve been fortunate to eat at some world renowned  restaurants (including 3 Michelin Star restaurants) but ultimately, if given the choice, I’ll take a street vendor any day.  
So I say try it.  At worst, it’ll be disgusting and you’ll never eat it again but at least you haven’t spent a lot of money to try it.  At best, you’ll discover a new food that you can’t believe has been missing from your life all these years.  And if you don’t know the language, just smile, point, and nod.  

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