A View, Good Food, and Great Company

This might seem really simple but in all honesty, I’ve had some of the most relaxing times just having a simple picnic in a park and people watching.  I usually get something very simple from the deli section of the grocery store along with a drink and just set up shop on a quiet bench.  Eating a simple ham and cheese sandwich in Paris was simply fantastic as was having a snack and beer along one of the many canals in Amsterdam late in the day.  You’d be amazed how many people will just invite you over to join them just to hear your stories.  

Again, I may not know what I’m eating, but if it’s being sold, it has to be somewhat popular right?  Open up and share.  I’ve met some pretty interesting people in the most random places all with an unknown food item and possibly some beer or wine.  At the very least, pick a good view and enjoy your time.  Slow down.  Many of my fondest travel memories are just quiet, simple meals in the most perfect of settings.  

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