Quick Recap of Atlanta –

Having this basically be my first time in Atlanta (the last time I visited was over a decade ago) I was excited to see the city again.  A vibrant city with an amazing food scene, I feel like I ate my way through most of the it.  Some of the highlights were:

The Varsity –  I imagine this is a fast food staple for Atlanta as evidenced by its presence in the airport.  I ate at the establishment near Georgia Tech and for a city that looked relatively quiet on a Sunday afternoon, the place was packed with people.  2 chili dogs, fries, and a peach sweet tea later, I walked out a very satisfied customer.  One question.  What is sweet tea?  We don’t have that out on the West coast but I couldn’t believe how sugary that drink is.  I didn’t get very far into finishing my drink before I could feel the cavities overtaking my mouth.  

Vortex – Another burger joint that was a great place to hang out.  I naturally had a burger called the cardiac arrest and yes, it was good.  I guess there are a few locations but it’s certainly an interesting spot.

Busy Bee Cafe – Probably the big surprise of the eateries I visited. Located a little off the beaten path in a small strip center, I almost walked right by it.  However, stepping inside, the place was packed for the lunch crowd and rightfully so.  Of course, being my first time, I had to get the fried chicken with greens and cornbread.  Easily the best fried chicken I’ve ever had.

There were certainly a few other places that were fantastic.  In my short few days in Atlanta, I could have easily stayed to eat and experience some more the city has to offer.  But old eating habits are hard to change and by the time I got back to SD, I was in dire need of a salad.  


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