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Of course, there are other loyalty programs as well.  Hotel programs can really be worth their weight in gold if you can get up to the upper tiers of their programs.  Unfortunately, I don’t travel enough to get up that high in status but if you do, you can enjoy perks like early check in, late check out, free internet, lounge access, room upgrades, and more.  But just because you may not get to the uppermost level doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sign up.  You may get deals through your email or and depending on your credit card, points will be multiplied for faster rewards.  

With hotels, I’d recommend thinking about it much like you would in picking an airline.  Hotel chains under the Starwood umbrella offer a ton of properties worldwide and you’d be hard pressed to find where their massive footprint doesn’t reach.  Hyatt has a great, consistent product overall but falls well short of Hilton and Starwood in the sheer number of properties.  

What you value in your travels matters as well.  Some are only looking for a place to sleep and clean up every morning while others may want to get a little more pampering and service.  Loyalty programs aren’t limited to a specific type of property so you can really rack up the rewards nights to your wants.  

All this is to say that there isn’t one program that fits everyone’s needs.  The beauty is that you can really tailor your spending and rewards earnings to meet your ultimate travel goals.  By doing small things that don’t cost any money, you’re already well on your way to earning points that will allow you to have a better vacation.  

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