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Affordable Travel – II

Another great aspect about using credit cards is that it allows you to travel beyond your means.  Remember, I’m not talking about traveling for free (although it’s certainly possible) but travelling affordably.  I prefer to take multiple trips a year and use the earned rewards towards that cost.  The rewards allow me to take more trips, get upgrades on flights, and/or stay in nicer hotels.  At the very least, it gives me extra cash to spend on food, excursions, gifts, etc.

As a solo traveler, this really helps me offset a lot of the cost of travelling alone.  Without it, I certainly couldn’t travel as much or in the manner I do.  Obviously, the same concept applies to couples and families.  
Put another way, if my budget for a trip is $1,000 but I’m able to save $500 on flights, hotels, etc., I’m able to put the funds toward enhancing an experience or another trip.  This allows me to fly in upgraded seats and/or stay in hotels where I wouldn’t otherwise be willing to spend the money.  This is how I view credit cards rewards points.  It’s a trip enhancer.  

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