Packing What You Need

Pack light.  Seems obvious but I’m amazed to see so many people still travelling with huge suitcases struggling to get through the airport.  It’s one thing if you’re relocating to another city but most of us are going on holiday for a few weeks max.  If it doesn’t fit as a carry on, you’ve packed too much.  Through all my travels, not once have I ever wished I had brought MORE stuff.  You really only need to pack for 3-4 days max.  Then just wash it out in the sink and let it dry overnight.  You’ll be saving on baggage fees, time, and hassle.  I’ll discuss electronics on a later post but for now, this is strictly the essentials.  

Also, in the off chance that you don’t have something you need, just think how millions of other people survive without that particular item.  Unless you’re travelling to the remotest corners of the Australian outback, you’ll be able to find a store selling whatever you need.  Sure, it may not be the brand you buy, but it’ll get the job done.  

As a single traveler, my greatest asset is my mobility.  I can zig zag my way through crowds, avoid waiting in baggage claim, share a taxi, go to a show, etc. without having to wait for the correct number of seats to open up move only as quickly as the slowest member of your party will allow.  I want to be mobile and that means packing only the essentials.  I can’t remember the last time I actually checked a bag when flying even when travelling for 3+ weeks at a time.  When in doubt, leave it at home.  You’ll be glad you did.  

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