Things to Never Bring on a Plane

Obviously this post isn’t geared toward the obvious like firearms, chainsaws, fireworks, knives, and any other stupid thing only idiots would try to sneak past security.  I’m talking about more subtle things.  I sometimes think the most considerate of people just lose their minds every now and then when they board a plane.  So, here are a few things you just shouldn’t bring with you.

Strong Smelling Food – Unless you’re a grandmother who has a container full of freshly baked cookies or brownies, please leave the smelly food at home or eat it at the airport.  Just because it doesn’t bother you doesn’t mean it doesn’t bother the people around you (or the entire aircraft if it’s a small plane).  Just don’t do it.

Bulky Carry On Bags – As much as I am an advocate of only travelling with carry on luggage, don’t try to cheat the system by stuffing your bag so full that it doesn’t fit into the overhead bin and is so heavy that you ask everyone in sight for help.  I don’t mind helping someone but I’m certainly not going to struggle with someone’s bag if it’s packed so tightly that it clearly should’ve been checked to begin with.  Anyone who does this is not only inconsiderate but also a selfish prick in my book.  

Anything that Makes a Mess – Look, we’re all cramped and the little space we have is precious.  Don’t spread your filth and disgustingness over to my area.  If you’re leaving trash all over the place with the expectation that some else will clean it for you, you shouldn’t be allowed in public.  

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