Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

It’s been my experience that most people are genuinely kind and will go out of their way to help.  I was in the south of France trying to find my way to the town center when I got lost.  As I stood looking at a map and an intersection to find where I was, an old man pulled up in his car.  I only know a few words in French and he didn’t know any English.  So, I just pointed to the map and the man didn’t give me directions but motioned for me to get in his car and happily took me to where I needed to go.  In Maine, I was invited to dinner by a couple whom I’d just met on the ferry for about 10 mins.  
I can’t say I recommend this  tactic everywhere but it shows how the kindness of strangers can really come through.  Have I been scammed before or since?  I’m sure I have.  But those are slight bumps on an otherwise very smooth road.  I honestly believe people are genuinely helpful and if you show a little humility, you’ll be amazed at just how helpful perfect strangers can be.

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