Destination – Singapore

An incredibly beautiful city that is by far the cleanest city I’ve ever visited.  This is obviously due to the strict laws they have about everything but it certainly makes for a very nice environment.  The city has multiple hop on/hop off busses and although I’m typically not a fan of those, it’s a very effective way of seeing the city.  I would also recommend walking around the botanical gardens and little India.  The iconic MBS building is also fantastic but don’t try to get to the pool if you’re not a guest.  Non guests can dine at the restaurant, go to the bar, and go to the observation deck, but you need a key to access the pool area.  

Although walking around the city was a treat, I really didn’t find that there was much to do there in terms of attractions.  As much as I love animals, I don’t feel a need to visit every zoo in every city to see another elephant.  Also, with the high standard of living, I can’t say I recommend spending too much time there unless you have money to spend.  Put another way, Rodeo Drive is a fun place to shop if you have the money, but it’s just an interesting place to see if you don’t.  

Travel Tips –

Know the rules.  Remember that you’re a guest and although some laws may not make sense to you, they still apply.  The city is immaculately clean.  There’s a reason for that.  

Unless you have a fair amount of money to spend, your best bet is to find one of the many hawker stands for food.  They’re food courts that sell all different types of food for very reasonable prices.  They’re a little hidden but if you ask around, you’ll realize you’re surrounded by them.  

Keep a packet of tissues handy.  If you go to a hawker stand and need a place to sit, it’s customary to leave a small packet of tissues at your seat while you go and get your food.  This tells others the seat is taken and you won’t have to worry about finding a place to sit (especially as a solo traveller where you don’t have someone to physically save a seat for you).  

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