Hotel Concierge Services

Of course we all love a great deal but sometimes it’s just easier and a better use of your time if you just use the resources available to you.  I’ve booked countless excursions from the hotel concierge and I’ve found that they pretty much charge the same amount if I had gone and paid for the excursion on my own.  I’m sure the hotel is making money on the back end by the booking so it’s in their best interest to book something you’ll enjoy and you save a ton of time that would’ve been spent researching each booking.  

I also believe that a knowledgeable concierge is worth his/her weight in gold since they can recommend sites that you wouldn’t otherwise know about and can pretty much plan an itinerary to suit your needs and time frame.  As much as I love speaking to locals on tips on where to go in the area, a great hotel concierge is tough to beat.  They might be able to get you tickets to a popular show, reservations at an exclusive restaurant, or suggest activities you didn’t even know were available.  And it’s usually at no extra cost to you.  

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