Destination – Hallstatt

This tiny town about 2 hours outside of Salzburg is something straight out of a movie.  Think Sound of Music meets Harry Potter.  The train winds its way through the mountains and offers some truly magical views of the area.  When you get to your stop, it is by this tiny platform on the opposite side of a pristine lake.  You take about a 10 minute ferry ride across (which is timed with the train’s arrival) and get to a town that honestly looks like it was forgotten by time.  

In terms of activities, this town offers hikes and some lazy boat rides during the summer and skiing during the winter.  There is also an old salt mine that you can visit.  I was there during the winter so many sites were closed, but I feel like I get the better bargain.  During the day, tourists clog the streets as they get off their buses and wander around but the magic happens after they all leave.  Around 5pm, the town is quiet and peaceful and I loved strolling around the streets to find a small restaurant.  

The town may not appeal to anyone looking for adventure but it’s the perfect place to relax for a couple days and soak in the town’s charm.  The town is small enough that you could easily do it in a day, but after spending 3 quiet nights there, I was sad to leave.  I’d highly recommend spending at least 1 night there to get the full effect.  If you need to recharge the batteries or want a quiet place away from the everyday noise of city life, you’d be hard pressed to find a better place to do it.  

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