TSA Precheck v. Global Entry

Look, we’re all stressed while flying.  From making sure we get to the airport on time to getting through security, feeling rushed to make your flight is always an uneasy feeling.  For any regular traveller, this is where TSA precheck and/or Global Entry could really come in handy.  

If you travel mostly domestically and you don’t have TSA precheck, I think you must secretly enjoy the hassle of going through security.  The cost is around $100 and lasts for 5 years.  Sure, there is a bit of a process associated with it but if you’re stuck in a never ending maze at the security checkpoint on a busy travel day, you’re going to really feel the benefits.  No more taking off shoes, belts, or coats.  You basically empty your pockets and walk through.  The process is fast and seamless.  I love it.

If you travel internationally as well, you might want to consider getting the Global Entry pass.  Having Global Entry also gives you TSA precheck for about the same price for the same 5 year period.  The only downside is that Global Entry enrollment tends to take longer than the process for the TSA precheck.  It all depends on the region but here in San Diego, the process from start to finish could take a few months and getting an appointment for your interview could be a hassle if you’re trying to get the closest location.  

In either case, if you do any type of travelling at all, it’s certainly something to consider.  Would I spend the money if I only travelled once or twice a year?  Probably not.  But for anyone who’s had to wait to get through security or customs, it could be worth it.  Also, note that international airlines are being added to the list of participants.  Either process could be a little tedious but I think it’s totally worth it.  

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