Useful Apps

I’m sure there are a ton of useful apps out there that people swear by but here are a few I use.  

Google Trips/Tripit

These two are fairly interchangeable but I think they’re useful in conjunction with each other.  Goold trips is great in that most of the travel info will automatically be uploaded from your gmail account.  From there, the app can recommend places to eat, points of interest, and even show your saved places.  It’s fantastic in that it basically syncs all your devices and puts all your pertinent info in one place.  The one big downfall is that it doesn’t allow you to edit or manually  enter any info.  So, if the info doesn’t pull on your car rental or if there are changes to your flight times, the updated info doesn’t upload and you can’t put it in manually.  That’s where Tripit comes in.  Tripit pulls all the flight info directly online and then you manually enter your confirmation number, seat number, etc.  Using both apps together will basically put all the info you need in one place.  

Google Maps –

I think everyone knows about Google maps but what I love is the offline feature this has.  It basically acts as your GPS.  Sure it might not be as extensive as having a GPS on your phone, at least it’s free and can get you around pretty easily.

XE Currency –

This is nice if you’d like to do a quick calculation on the cost of something to see if it sounds about right.  I don’t use it as an exchange rate because you won’t be getting those rates, but it is nice to have if you want to get a quick guesstimate on how much something costs (especially from potential scammers).  

Google Translate –

The neat feature about this app is that you can take a photo of something (ie menu, newspaper headline, etc) and it’ll translate it for you.  It’s definitely nice to have some idea of what you’re ordering without just blindly pointing at something.  


Cool app that at the very least gets you accustomed to hearing and speaking the language.  It’s designed like a game with each lesson only taking a few minutes to complete.  

These are a few of the apps I use when travelling.  I think they’re useful and definitely help in getting around.  I’m sure there are more out there so let me know what you think!

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