Last Second Travel

A lot of great deals can be found at the last second and if you have the flexibility, it’s actually not a bad way to go.  Being last second deals though, you pretty much have to be able to fly within a couple weeks.  If you have no idea where to go (or don’t care) and have no problems getting or being in a position to take advantage of these flights, it’s a great way to see a part of the world you might not have thought about.  However, these deals are fairly specific on travel dates and the airport they fly out of or in to.  Basically, don’t forget to add in the cost of getting to the correct airport if you need to get there.  

Flexibility is your greatest asset when it comes to last second travel and you can really find some great deals.  Outside of going to some of the more touristy places, these spur of the moment trips could really open your eyes to an entirely new region, country, and culture.  

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