How to Pack

I’m a big believe in having only carry on luggage regardless of the length of time I’m travelling.  The only exception is if my trip is going to vastly different climates which makes planning a little more difficult.  That said, here are a few tips on how to travel light and hassle free. Check out my original thoughts and post here.

Pack items in the order they’ll be used.  Basically, if you’re travelling and you think you’ll need a jacket, put a light jacket in the outer pocket of our luggage instead of buried deep at the bottom.  It’ll be easier to reach and put away.  That’s the same if you need to change clothes after you land.  Just have your change of clothes sitting on top and ready to go.  A little bit of foresight can really make your life easier.  

Try to pack a couple extra ziplock bags with you.  It seems like I can always find a use for these from packing liquids at the last second at the airport or packing a wet shirt that hasn’t dried completely.  They’re also fantastic to store small electronic items in if you’re afraid they might get wet.  Also, you can stick your passport in one to save it from any liquids that might spill.  

When choosing which clothes to take, start with clothes that can do double duty and/or can be layered.  I personally like to take long sleeved button downs.  If I find myself in an unexpectedly nice environment, I can pull something so I don’t look like a complete slob.  If it’s hot, I just roll up the sleeves and undo a couple of the top buttons.  Boardshorts can be both regular shorts and swim trunks and short sleeve shirts can be both casual outerwear as well as an undershirt if it’s cold.

Finally, if you’re buying souvenirs for friends and family back home, wait until the very end if you can so you don’t have to lug that stuff around the rest of your trip.  But, if you need space in your luggage for those souvenirs, just throw away or donate your clothes to make room.  Look we all need to do some spring cleaning from our closets every year so why not just start by emptying out your luggage before you come home?  That gives you more room for souvenirs and you won’t have as much laundry to do once you get home.  To me, that’s a win win situation.  

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