Destination – Vienna

The beautiful city of Vienna is a delight to visit.  Easy to navigate with its metro system and a major gateway to other cities, it’s a perfect city to use as a home base if you’d like to plan a trip.  The city has something for everyone from St. Stephen’s Cathedral, palaces, amazing food, and shopping in arguably the most pedestrian friendly shopping center ever.  

If you do decide to tour St. Stephen’s Cathedral, take some time to tour the catacombs as well as climb up the steeple.  The stairwell up is not an easy climb but the views are incredible.  Schonbrunn palace is stunningly beautiful but get there early as a line forms early to get in.  Finally, check out Naschmarkt (the open air street market) and try everything in sight.  There is so much to see and try that you could easily wander around for a few hours without realizing it.  

If you have extra time to kill, Bratislava and Budapest are both shortish train rides away from the central station.  The city is in a perfect spot to explore Eastern Europe and it’s simple as getting to the station and seeing which train leaves next and hoping on board.  


Travel Tip –

Take some time to visit the market and try some of the amazing food.  The market is a great place to shop a small picnic lunch.  Can’t go wrong with some fresh bread, cheese, and dried meats.  

If visiting Schonbrunn, go directly into the ticket office if you need to buy a ticket.  To your left, you’ll see ticket kiosks that will sell you a ticket as well as give you a time to start your tour.  Most people there will be waiting in line to buy a ticket while an entire bank of kiosks are sitting unused.  


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