Travel Books

I know there are many of us who would much rather have a travel book vs. an electronic copy.  If so, don’t take the entire book with you.  Just rip out the pages that pertain to your destination(s) and throw the pages away as you go.  I see people carrying massive travel books and don’t understand why they would want to carry that  around with them.  A travel book is only useful if you have the latest version so saving it for your next trip is really a waste of space.  You wouldn’t save a map from 5 years ago would you?  I just rip out the pages that are useful to me and throw them away as I go.  

Another note about books.  I feel the same way about regular books when I travel as well.  If I’m planning on reading on a plane, I’ll take a paperback copy of the book and throw away chapters as I read them.  I just have no desire to carry it all around with me.

It might seem odd to have this obsession with weight and carrying only what’s needed but once you’re carrying it around with you over a week, it just gets old.  I’m not a backpacker by any means but trying to find things through a luggage bag full of clutter is just annoying. Don’t hoard it and just let it go.

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