Fighting Loneliness While Eating

A common question I get asked is if I feel awkward eating alone.  The answer at first was a resounding yes.  However now, it’s a complete no.  Most people in restaurants aren’t paying any attention to those around them and don’t notice. I certainly don’t notice the people around me when I’m eating.  If you’re feeling self conscious about it though, have a notebook.  I like to take time to write notes about what I did that day and I feel like the perfect time to do it is when I’m eating.  

I know a lot of people also like to look at their phones and use the time to catch up and check emails and their social media pages.  If that makes you comfortable, I think that’s great.  What I hope doesn’t happen is that you become too engrossed with your phone that you forget to take a second to look around and appreciate where you are.  

I’m also a big believer in eating at street vendors.  Not only is the food delicious and cheap, but it’s also very informal and casual.  I think the informality of it all makes for a relaxed atmosphere to meet people and possibly make some new friends.  

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