Destination – Munich

Sadly, my time in Munich was cut short when I was there so I really didn’t have more than a day to explore the city.  Combine that with many locals places being closed on Sunday and I didn’t get a great feel for the city.  However, I was able to visit the BMW museum, stroll around Olympic Park, and stroll around the old city with enough time to visit a beer hall complete with massive mugs, pretzels, and music.  

Travel Tips –

The Hofbrauhaus in old town is touristy but fun so don’t let it discourage you from having a good time.  Yes it’s located right next to a Hard Rock Cafe and yes, it’s full of tourists.  But it’s also fun and entertaining.  

If you’re a lover of all things BMW, check out the museum.  The museum is basically in two parts.  The first is a free exhibit that allows you to walk around in a giant gift shop while staring at the cars they have on display on the 2nd floor.  I believe that’s where they have the tour for the BMW plant as well even though I didn’t do it.  Cross the footbridge and you’ll get to the actual museum.  You’ll need to store any bags in a locker (free to use since you’ll get your money back when you return the key so don’t forget the money in the locker) and just walk around.  

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