Some might like to just wander around and see where the day takes you.  I always try to have at least one rest day like that every week if I’m travelling for over two weeks.  As exciting as solo travel is, it’s also mentally exhausting at times.  Sometimes, I feel like the only time I really have to take a mental break is within the safe confines of my hotel.  When you have a companion, you can ask them to take the wheel for a bit while you relax but when you’re solo, you only have yourself to count on.  

To put it into perspective, let me ask this.  Whenever you leave your house in the morning, how often do you wonder if you locked the front door or unplugged the iron?  Now, when you’re going on a vacation, how often do you think about it?  

It isn’t just these random thoughts but also the constant need to always be vigilant.  Not leaving your bags unattended to go to the bathroom, being mindful of your wallet in crowded situations, making sure you aren’t shortchanged at the store, etc.  All these things can add up.  

Although I have faith in my ability to figure things out, those little nagging thoughts about whether you forgot your passport in the hotel start to fester.  After a while, it can just get exhausting.  So for me, I try to plan a least one day a week to rest.  It may not mean doing nothing all day, but just a day where I can do whatever I want.  Sleep in, go to the beach, stroll through a market, etc.  It’s my mental break day where I usually take nothing of value with me so I don’t have to worry about anything.

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