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I’m always looking for ways to make travelling easier or less stressful.  I came across these things a couple years back but couldn’t find them again until recently.  To be honest, I couldn’t remember what they were even called (which is embarrassing since I love using them so much).  If you haven’t seen these mini compressed towels, you could definitely try them out.

One thing I love to take with me are these disposable compressed tissues.  If you aren’t familiar, these are pretty much magic in my book.  They’re about the size of a large mint and extremely light.  To use, you pour some water on them and they expand to the size of a hand towel.  

I toss a few in my backpack when I travel and just love these things.  They’re great for times when you need to clean your hands, wipe down a surface, or just dry your face.  If you’re travelling with kids, they’re great at cleaning up messes or sticky ice cream hands on a hot day.  They’re individually wrapped so if water gets inside the plastic bag, they’re still safe.  I used to carry around a small hand towel from the hotel but I find these are so much better.  You can throw them away and they’re so small and light that they really fit anywhere.  

You can find these online and I honestly am a massive fan of these.  If you’re ever in a situation where you’re eating something messy and don’t have any napkins, you’ll fall in love as well.  

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