Airport Lounges

With the popularity of premium credit cards, access to airport lounges has become increasingly easier and in many cases a nice reprieve from the chaos at the gates.  A quiet place to get some work done while having a snack and some drinks and outlets to recharge all your devices is really great.  Priority Pass and Centurion Lounges are probably the more common lounges outside of airline specific lounges and although I’ve personally never had a problem, I can see some downsides as well.  

Priority Pass is probably the most common airport lounge pass since it’s offered as a perk to most if not all the premium credit cards.  The number of guests the cardholder can bring may vary, but it’s fantastic for a short layover to grab a soda and some snacks.  However, because of its popularity, some lounges have denied entry because the lounges are filled to capacity.  To be fair, these lounges aren’t first class lounges and so I’ve sometimes found a quiet place to work at an empty gate with all the outlets I needs vs. sitting in a lounge that’s packed.

Another common (but less accessible) option is the AmEx Centurion Lounges.  These lounges are accessible if you have the AmEx Platinum or Centurion Cards.  These are really top notch lounges that have better amenities.  The major drawback is that they’re only located in certain cities so if you’re not regularly flying out of a major hub or city, access would pretty much be relegated for use during a layover.  

Some people may not care about this perk but personally, I find some nice value out of them.  Most of the ones I’ve been to are quiet and offer a nice place to get some work done fairly easily.  Also, if you’re looking to just snack on something while you work, these offer something to munch on and drink while you wait.  Premium cards offer a lot of benefits but they also come with a hefty annual fee.  If you travel enough throughout the year, you might want to seriously consider the few that are out there.  However, I would not recommend premium cards to anyone who cannot pay off their cards in full every month or anyone who doesn’t travel enough to take full advantage of the perks.

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