Which Gate?

Let me preface this by saying that in the US, we’re used to knowing which gate to go to at the airport or platform at the train station.  Gate numbers will be posted hours ahead of schedule so missing a flight is due to either extremely poor planning or a lack of awareness if gates unexpectedly change.  However overseas, this early posting of gates and platform numbers seems to be lost.  Airport gates seem to be announced about an hour before boarding and train stations only announce the platform about 15 minutes before departure.  This just leads to a massive rush of people at the last second.  

I’ve spoken to other international travellers about this and they all don’t understand why I would find this annoying.  Their typical response is something along the lines of “why would they announce it early?  Are you going to just stand around at the platform waiting to board?” All this is to say that being aware of where to go when travelling overseas can feel like organized chaos.  I still don’t understand why the numbers aren’t posted earlier especially if they’re known but so be it.  I guess standing and staring at the board is some sort of pastime overseas but be prepared for a bit of stress if you’re like me and like to know where to go.

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