Airport Security

Obviously every country has their own security at airports but one thing I think is really nice is that security (the metal detectors bit) is at the gate of departure and not as you first walk into the airport.  Basically every gate has it’s own metal detectors or one bank of metal detectors services just a few gates.  This is really great because you don’t have an entire terminal full of passengers desperately trying to get through security.  Since each gate has it’s own, you’ll only be in line with fellow passengers so your wait will be limited to a couple hundred people.  What’s also nice about this is that friends and family can still accompany their loved ones all the way to the gate (like the good old days).  

I think because of this, boarding takes less time and although they still advise you go get to the airport a couple hours ahead, an hour is really all that’s necessary to get through.  Your longest wait will more than likely be at the immigration desk as you leave.  Once through, you can take your time getting to the gate.  

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