Request To All Passengers 

This is a bit of a rant today.  

I find it really annoying when people get up and race towards the front of the plane as soon as it lands.  I just don’t understand why some people feel like they’re entitled to push and shove past people to get off the plane first.  I’ve seen military personnel come home after being deployed for months who haven’t seen their families patiently wait to deplane.  Yet so many others just feel entitled to race from the back of the plane to get off as quickly as possible.  I don’t understand it.  

So my wish is that flight attendants would allow active duty military to deplane first (much like they’re allowed to board first) followed by anyone with a connecting flight with a tight connection, followed by passengers without any carry on bags, and finally the rest of the plane.  Look, we’re all anxious to get home.  But some actually have legitimate reasons to get off quickly.  

I don’t know if there is a rule against this but it seems like a very logical process.  How upset would you be if you missed a connecting flight by mere minutes because everyone was crowding the aisle to get off and blocking you in?  Of course this would all be based on the honor system but what kind of low life would you have to be to abuse it?  I think if you can wait, you should sit patiently and deplane after everyone with urgent needs gets off first.  It would at least be the courteous thing to do.  

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