Comic Con 2017!

It’s that time of year again.  For a few days every year, the city of San Diego basically shuts down and welcomes in all kinds of fans from all over the world for all things comic.  This really isn’t something that interests me too much but I have gone  (although it was a number of years ago).  So for those visiting for the first time, welcome and a few tips:

Be ready for lines.  Massive lines.  From panels, to booths, to interactive mazes, there’s a lot to see and do.  So just be prepared to stand in line.  You’ll probably be spending more time in line than you will at the actual exhibit.

If you’re here and don’t have a ticket, no worries.  There is so much to do around the convention center that doesn’t involve a ticket that you can easily spend a few days walking around.

Get out of downtown for more affordable food.  Everyone downtown is making a killing from the restaurants, hotels, and bars.  But if you’re willing to get on the trolley north (toward Qualcomm Stadium) and get off  at one of the few stops along the way, you’ll find eateries that are much more affordable.  Fashion Valley mall is on the way and although it’s a high end mall, you do have some options to eat.  Go 2 stops further to the Mission Valley Center stop and it’ll spit you out right in front of a couple of restaurants.

Alright kids…have fun!

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