Destination – Seattle

I can honestly say I routinely try to find any excuse to go up to Seattle.  From the food to the picturesque city, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of visiting that city.  

If you’re going for a few days, obviously Pike’s Place Market is a must.  The last time I was in Seattle, I think I spend a few hours there every day for 4 days straight visiting all the different food stalls.  Any foodie would go nuts over this place and I guarantee you’ll find something to buy and take home with you.  It’s honestly countless hours of fun.  You can even visit the first Starbucks (even though there are 2 about a block away from each other so make sure you go to the correct one).  

Side note about Pikes Place – although bustling during the day, it turns into a very quiet and fairly deserted area once the market closes.  I never felt unsafe at night but I certainly had no reason to be walking around the area at a late hour since everything is closed.  

If you’re anything like an aviation geek like me, I’d highly recommend the Boeing plant about 20 mins outside the city.  The two hour tour takes you to areas inside the plant where you can see the plans being built.  You can also see the new planes put through their paces before being delivered.  

Another fun activity is going on a canal tour.  It’s a fun tour that goes through the locks and gives a different perspective to the city from the water.  

Nightlife and food – Can’t go wrong with Capitol Hill.  This is the place to be for all things social.  From amazing food to great bars, this part of the city really comes alive at night.  

Overrated but necessary – Space needle.  Obviously if it’s your first time in Seattle, you’ll want to go.  You’ll spend more time in line to get to the top than you will at the top and the price of admission really isn’t worth it (in my view) but hey, something to do.

If you’re there, you might as well check out the rock and roll museum (I think it’s called the Museum of Pop now). I haven’t been but if you’re taking the monorail over, you might as well swing by if you have the time.  

Tips –

If you’re looking for fresh caught fish, ask the folks there to either pack it on ice or ship it home for you.  You can just go there the morning before you depart and buy some to take with you.   

Call ahead to the Boeing plant to make sure you’re there just a few minutes before the start of the tour.  There really isn’t much to do outside the tour so if you get there right as one tour is leaving, you’ll be stuck waiting around with little to do.  Also, leave you bags and cameras in the car since you won’t be able to take them with you.  

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