Waived Annual Fees for Active Military

For any active military personnel, a card you should really consider applying for is the Amex Platinum.  Although this is a great card to have in general, the $550 annual fee is pretty daunting for most.  Although the perks of the card are debatable, the one great aspect of this card is that it gives you Centurion Lounge Access.  

Centurion Lounges are exclusive lounges located at a few select airport with more opening worldwide.  So if your main airport isn’t located near an airport with a lounge, it may not be worth as much. However, there are other perks to the card (like the travel credit, Uber credit, hotel status, etc). 

Now, this is not to say that just because the annual fee is waived you should get the card now will you be automatically approved.  But if you have a good handle on your credit, this card is a no brainer especially if the annual fee is waived. If you’re in the market for a premium card without any of the fees, this is a great card to have.  

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