Foiled Plans

It never seems to fail that on every trip, something happens where I can’t do something on my list for one reason or another.  Inevitably, it’s always due to some outside circumstance outside of my control ie closed for maintenance, weather, train strike, etc.  

It’s always easy to say that you’ll visit the site the next time you’re back but honestly speaking, that may not be the case.  You may not be back, the site may close due to eroding conditions, etc.

Whatever the case, I learned a while ago that dwelling on the missed opportunities takes away from all the amazing things I do while there.  And who knows?  Maybe you get an experience that was completely different because the circumstances took you down a different path.  Now, although I always carry my list for things to visit and do, I don’t let it bother me if it doesn’t work out.  

Of course, ideally, we’ll be able to go back and do all the things we want. But I find my stories and recollections are that much more unique and fun to relive when things don’t go according to plan.  


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