Just saw an interesting post on MSN which had a list of some overrated tourist sites.  Of the places I have been, I can’t say I disagree with anything on the list from my experience.  Since I’ve already described Niagara Falls, I’ll make a quick observation about the Mona Lisa.  

Let me start by saying Paris is a wonderful city and if you’re an art lover, you can probably spend days at the Louvre.  The place is just massive and has artifacts from across the globe.  However, the largest attraction has to be the Mona Lisa.  

Now, I’m not an art aficionado by any stretch of the imagination but I guess I was expecting more from just a world renowned painting.  Basically, it’s a mad dash to get into the room where you’re crammed in with every other tourist trying to get the perfect selfie.  The painting itself is about the size of a piece of paper (or it looked that way at least).   

It’s definitely something you have to do if you’re already at the Louvre but I certainly wouldn’t made a special trip there just to see it.  

What do you think?

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