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I’m sure EVERYONE knows about the passenger on the United flight who was forcibly removed from an overbooks flight back in April.  Everyone had an opinion but I think it’s pretty safe to say the fairly unanimous consensus was that of shock and disbelief.  

Now, 4 months later, the DOT released a study that said in Q2 of 2017, the airline bumping rate was the lowest in decades.  Now the numbers may be reflective of a knee-jerk reaction to the incident so we’ll have to see if these numbers continue to decline or if this is just a simple outlier that shows airlines only providing short terms fix to pad the numbers.  I’d like to think the study is indicative of more positive changes to come.  

Although we could all say this sort of change was long overdue especially at a time when seats are getting smaller and airlines are charging for everything under the sun, it’s nice to see some changes actually being implemented in favor of the customer.  However, if this starts to eat into the company’s bottom line, I imagine they’ll come up with creative ways to recoup that loss.  

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