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A story came out in the Telegraph recently that said Uber drivers were manipulating ride prices by logging out of the their devices and causing surge pricing due to a perceived shortage of vehicles.  

Now the study said some interviewed drivers in London and New York were artificially creating the demand and suggested that Uber knows of the issue because of its frequency.  

I’m not saying that this is a one way street because passengers can also game the system by waiting for surge pricing to subside or go to a different location (like walk across the street or to a different intersection).  

I personally don’t see anything wrong with someone trying to make more money.  But couldn’t the same be accomplished by offering greater service?  Admittedly I don’t use Uber that often but when I do, I’ve always left a tip if I felt it was warranted and I’m happy to do so.  From a passenger’s perspective, the fact that we can get a flat rate for the distance travelled and know the amount before is great.  Also I have a good idea of how much it would cost me if I were in a taxi (since most of my rides are to/from the airport) so I’m more than happy to pass the savings on to the driver.


If Uber drivers are artificially inflating prices, it makes me not want to use the service or tip. What do you think?

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