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New Qatar Visa Rules

Qatar just recently announced that it is waiving Visa requirements for visitors from 80 countries.  This is great news for anyone thinking about visiting Doha or anyone who might be tempted to take advantage of a prolonged layover while continuing toward their final destination.

So now, if your country  is on the list, you’ll only need a passport for entry and will no longer need a visa prior to arrival.

I imagine Qatar isn’t very high on the vacation hot list but the location has turned Qatar and the UAE into the gateways to the world.  The ME3 airlines have what many might consider the best products in the sky but even better, their location makes any destination a 1 stop flight.

I think this is really cool since I’m trying to plan a trip for sometime next year that’ll take me through the region.  With the new Visa waivers, Qatar could be the stop I’m looking for with one less thing to worry about when travelling.

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