Look Now for Cheaper Fares

Are you looking to snag a deal on airfare for a vacation?  Apparently, now is the exact time you want to be searching for flights in the near future.  Here’s why…

Summer is OVER.  School is starting back up and that means families are going to be spending money on school supplies vs. flights.  Less demand means lower prices.

It’s shoulder season.  Basically it’s past summer but not quite winter so you’re in that grey area where tourists aren’t generally travelling.  I love travelling during shoulder season and actually always plan my “big” vacation in October or November.  Not only are there fewer tourists but the cost is usually lower than peak tourist season.

Here are some tips that I usually follow when booking a flight.

Be flexible with the time and destination.  Don’t be afraid of leaving on a Tuesday or Wednesday since most people will want to fly out on a Friday.  If you’re going on vacation, why not just maximize your time off and leaving when it’s less stressful?  It’ll be cheaper and with fewer travellers, less stressful.

If you find a fare you like, BOOK IT.  You can always find out how you’re going to get that time off or how it’s going to work after you snag the deal but if you wait too long, that deal may not last very long.  You can always cancel the flight within 24 hours so you have some time to play with after the flight is booked to figure out the logistics.

We all need some time off from the daily grind so why not save some money in the process?  If you’re willing to sacrifice the timing to a less desirable time of year, you can score some great deals and order that extra drink at dinner guilt free.


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