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Singapore Airlines Slashes Miles Earnings on United

I’ve said before that I personally believe having airlines status at the bottom of the ladder isn’t really worth going out of my way to get.  It typically requires flying a certain number of miles, certain amount of spend, or some combination of both.  At the bottom level of airline status, I personally don’t see much upside to having status and I personally wouldn’t recommend spending time or money to go after it.

However, I DO believe that status at the upper levels is worth it.  Perks like lounge access, priority boarding, priority check in, free checked bags, etc., are perks where I can see getting significant value.

I bring this up because we’re getting late into the year where people may be thinking about mileage runs to put them over the threshold for status.  Depending on which alliance you value, one of the “sweet spots” for earning Star Alliance Gold was through cheap international flights on United and crediting to Singapore.  Since Singapore uses a miles based program, it was often a great way to find affordable mileage runs.

That drastically changed today as Singapore Airlines announced changes to their miles accrual chart for United flights with some fare classes only earning 25 or 50% of the miles flown.  This change will go into effect 10/1.

I guess with Singapore’s recent partnership with Alaska and their less than warm  relationship with United, the writing was on the walls.  But it’s certainly a blow to anyone who had a MR already booked to have the changed announced without warning.

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