Mileage Run to Singapore

So yes, I was one of the poor saps who was affected by the change by Singapore Air.  I bought my ticket to SIN on Tuesday for today’s (Sunday) flights out on United.  And I was even able to route it though Denver for a few extra miles.  The deal wasn’t nearly as good as the prices out of EWR but at under 4.5cent/mile, I’ll take it.

Sadly, with the devaluation, this entire run is pretty much for naught.  I debated even going but I figured it would at least allow me to ride around in planes all day.  Some people drink, others play video games…I like to ride planes.

After an early wake up call (much too early or a Sunday in my opinion) I got on my first flight to DEN then off to SFO.  I’m currently in SFO with a fairly long layover but it isn’t long enough for me to leave the airport and do anything sadly.  I did try to find the priority pass lounge only to find that it’s in a different concourse so I can’t get in.  that wouldn’t be as bad if the United lounge (which is open to Star Alliance Gold members on international flights and the status I was after) weren’t staring me in the face…mocking me….

I can’t say I’m angry though…sure I’m disappointed in the devaluation and the fact that the 16 hour flight both ways is going to be for nothing.  Some waring would’ve been nice too….but can’t change that.

The way I see it, at least I’ll get to say I flew one longest nonstops on earth. And to be honest, there are worse ways to spend a couple days.  I’m fairly certain there will be others on a MR as well who got blindsided by this so maybe it’ll be a party.  Also, not many people would think about just buying a ticket to a city on the opposite side of the world let alone follow through with it.  Sure, I’ll only have a couple hours to walk around in the airport in SIN, but it’s easily my favorite airport and sometimes the destination just doesn’t matter that much…


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