Better Than First?

My only saving grace on the immediate flight back home was that I had the entire row to myself.  Actually, the flight itself was fairly empty with what felt like 1/3 of the cabin filled.  Being able to stretch out and lie down to get some proper rest was a welcome change of pace.

One thing I learned is that although United had a great selection of entertainment options, 16 hours is a long flight.  I can’t say I was bored but I was certainly getting restless after about 12 hours.  If you’re travelling with children, this may not be the ideal flight.

Would I do it again?  If I’m in an absolute bind, yes.  If I were lucky enough to get on flights that aren’t full, then it really isn’t that bad.  But I don’t even want to imagine how arduous that flight must feel if I were stuck in the middle.

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