Lima the Day After

I arrived in Lima last night about 15 mins before the start of a very big game.  I didn’t know it at the time, but I knew something was strange when I exited the airport and about half the people were wearing red and white jerseys.

After getting to my hotel about an hour later, it was easy to see the entire city was watching this game.  Every restaurant, bar, radio, and mobile device was on the game.  Right when I got to the hotel, a loud roar went up as deafening screams echoed from every building as Peru scored the first goal.  After checking in, I went out to find a quick bite and after Peru scored the 2nd goal, the cheering was even louder.  After the game, all you could hear was the sound of drums and car horns all through the night and I’m sure parties went on all through the night especially with the president declaring today to be a national holiday.

I went out today during the day to see  the sites and many people were still celebrating.  The square outside the presidential palace where people had gathered just hours before to watch the game was still buzzing but all the evidence of any crowd was gone.

For my first trip to Lima, this has certainly been a memorable start and it’s really cool to see an entire country going absolutely crazy rooting their team on.  I think I’ve found a team to root for at next year’s World Cup.  =)

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