Visited Paracas for a short 2 day stay about 4 hours south of Lima.  It’s a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere that seems to be a haven for backpackers.  However, it is the launching point for anyone wanting to see the Nazca lines.  From my understanding the lines are so massive that the only real way to see them is from the air.  However, you can take a boat to the Ballestas islands which passes by the massive cactus sign in the desert hillside.

Unfortunately outside of that, there really isn’t much to do around here.  The “city” itself is extremely small and just a boardwalk lines with small shops and restaurants.  But anyone who loves eating seafood will be in heaven.  The seafood is caught fresh daily and the waters here make for an abundance of seafood.  If you’re like me and willing to travel for some amazing food, you really can’t go wrong.


sole and veg with a side of rice…amazing!

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