Lucky Timing

So my understanding here at the Galapagos is that there is a specific lobster season and lobsters must be of a certain size and sex in order to be caught.  Also, they need to be caught alive.  Well with all the conservation efforts throughout the islands, the lobsters here have a chance be become ginormous.  This is not an exaggeration.  These suckers are huge.  Also, they can only be caught during season and I’m lucky enough to be here during lobster season.

If you’re staying in the Puerto Ayora area, every night, a side street off Baltra Ave. closes down and turns into a large street food scene.  Whatever the fresh catch is unavoidable and every night here has been lobster and an assortment of fish.  if you’re lucky enough to be here during lobster season, I hope you come hungry since it’s everywhere.  considering the size, I didn’t the the price was too bad.  I met a couple of people and we decided to split a lobster with different sauces.  The plate for 2 was $25 and it was massive.

Anyways, if you thought you might need yet another reason to come to the Galapagos, the food is undeniably delicious.

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