2017 Year in Review

This year has been an odd year for me. Although I took a number of small trips over long weekends, I really didn’t do my familiar spring/fall trips like I usually do. Instead I took a few trips throughout the year…and although it was great fun to do, it never really felt like I left at any point until I came back from South America after about four weeks.

First in February, it was a fun trip to Mexico. Going to see the ruins down in the Yucatan was incredible and something I’d really recommend doing if you enjoy exploring. There are so many ruins to visit and much like Angkor Wat, I’m not entirely sure how much longer visitors will be able to walk in, around, and on the ruins. I don’t know when Chichen Itza was officially closed off to the public, but I’m sure it won’t be long before the other ruins follow suit.

April brought a bucket list trip for me. As a fan of golf, the Masters tournament has always been my favorite golf tournament. Unfortunately, that sentiment is held by countless other fans of the game. Getting tickets to the Masters is tough. You can try to go through some scalper but to buy them directly, it’s a lottery. I’ve hoped to win the lottery for over a decade with no luck. But this year, a friend of a friend won and I somehow got the invite. That trip to Augusta, GA was truly a dream come true for me.

July brought about another odd trip but this time, to Easter Island. It’s an odd trip because getting there is somewhat of a journey due to the remoteness of the island. If you’ve ever thought about going, I’d really think about doing it to knock it off the bucket list. I don’t see myself ever going back (unless they make some new discoveries) but I’m glad I was able to go at least once.

November brought a whole slew of new adventures starting in Peru, continuing to the Galapagos, and ending in Bogota. From eating my way through Arequipa, getting to Machu Pichu, swimming in the Galapagos, to blowing away expectation in Bogota, my first trip to South America couldn’t have been more fun and diverse.

So overall, it’s been a pretty eventful year and this certainly wasn’t planned at the beginning. Sure, I don’t travel as much compared to a full time traveller, but again, this isn’t my job. I’m an ordinary guy who loves to travel and do as much as my job allows. I hope this in some way inspires you to try travelling if you’ve ever thought about it. I enjoy sharing my experiences but I also don’t share a lot of my experiences. I think experiences are your own and individual. I actually don’t share a lot of experiences with my closest friends because these experiences are personal, no matter how benign.

Here’s to a great 2018 and to more travels!

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