Destination – Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is a massive collection of waterfalls that sits on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. It is absolutely an awesome site and you can actualy hear the waterfalls far before you see them. For anyone wanting to come, here are some tips to get you around town.

Getting here –

Getting here is very simple. You actually have two options. You can fly into Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwe side of the falls or into Livingstone on the Zambia side. Either town is easily accessible by plane and if you can’t decide, many people will fly into one airport and fly out of the other. Just know that the Zim side is very close to the actual falls and the border while the Zam side is a little further out from the border. The views of the falls are exceptional from either side but my personal opinion is that they are better on the Zam side.

Visas –

Once here, you have the option have buying a single country visa or a Kaza Visa. The Kaza visa will allow you to go between Zim and Zam freely without having to purchase a new visa every time you enter. The cost for the Kaza visa is $50 so if you have any desire to go into another country, it’s better to purchase the Kaza visa. Also, this can be purchased at the airport.

Getting to town from the airport is probably best accomplished by having your hotel arrange an airport pick up for your. I heard taxis were charging $20/person to get into town but through my hotel, I got charged $15. I don’t know if that’s a good deal or not, but you really don’t have many options to begin with.

Vic Falls the town –

So the town is very small and basically caters to tourists. They use the USD so try to come with some dollars. Although there are banks and atms, I heard dollars are fairly scarce so it’s better to hold onto them as much as possible. However, they do accept Visa and MC here. Cost wise, it’s actually fairly expensive. A burger and fries will cost about $15 and there really isn’t an option for “local” cuisine (at least from what I could tell).

Also, the people here are amazingly friendly. That said, you will be constantly approached to purchase random knick knacks whenever you’re walking around town. Although these people aren’t aggressive, they certainly don’t like taking “no” for an answer. And, if you decide to purchase something because you’re tired of being hassled, they’ll be more inclined to sell you something else and less likely to haggle. Your best bet is to smile, wave, and pretend like you don’t speak English.

Victoria Falls Park –

The cost to get in is $30 and you have no in/out privileges. If you have to leave and come back, it’s another $30 so time your arrival accordingly. Also, you’ll want to bring an umbrella and/or a poncho. The falls create a very heavy mist and the area around the falls has it’s own microclimate. It drenches everything around it so you may want to have something to try and stay dry if possible.

So that’s it. Vic falls is certainly beautiful but I can’t say there’s much to do in the area. I’m sure there is more to do there between Vic Falls and Livingstone but sadly I wasn’t aware of it. I do believe it does deserve to be one everyone’s radar to visit at least once in their lives. Not only are the falls beautiful but it is secluded enough that it feels other worldly.

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