Next Destination?

So after an exciting trip that took me through Cape Town, safari in Zimbabwe, and some incredible nights in Hong Kong for two weeks at the end of January and beginning of February, I’ve been searching for a new destination.  I typically enjoy visiting places when tourists aren’t there because it means fewer crowds, shorter lines, and an cheaper fares.  That said, it’s also the least desirable time to go.  Also, finding destinations during shoulder season that meet my tastes and are fairly accessible at a drop of a hat can be somewhat limited (mainly when dealing with PTO and work).  

With all that, I’ve got my next destination that I’m really excited about and just booked this weekend.  I’ll be going to Poland!  I booked it primarily because a) I found an award ticket and b) I’ve wanted to visit.  So with that in mind, I jumped at the opportunity and will be leaving the first week of April.  

This will also be my first trip back to Europe since 2016 so that is a fairly nice change of pace.  I’m hoping to add more passport stamps in July but I won’t discuss those places yet since I probably won’t have any flights until June.  

So, having never visited Poland, what would you recommend as things to do, eat, see, etc?  Although I fly into Warsaw, I really haven’t planned anything out as of yet.  Sure Krakow is on the list but anything off the beaten path that I could get to via train fairly easily?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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