LOT Airlines Business Class Review

This was my first time on LOT airlines and I was pleasantly surprised. I honestly didn’t know what to think since I really hadn’t heard too much about the airline and what I could find online was fairly sparse and dated.

The cabin is configured in a 3 row, 2-2-2 setup on their 787. Not the most desirable of cabins but since there were only 7 of us in business class, there was ample space to stretch out. I chose the aisle seat in the middle so I could easily get up as I wanted but for those who prefer the window, you will have to step over the person next to you if they’re sleeping. Also, the middle aisles don’t have storage above them so the cabin feels much larger.

The flight itself was a late departure at 9:50pm and even though we started boarding about 20 mins past the posted time, we were all settled in with the door closed pretty much on time. Unfortunately we then sat at the gate for a good 45 mins but we easily made up the time in the air.

Dinner service started as soon as the seatbelt sign was turned off and it was fast and efficient. Since there were only 7 of us, everything pretty much moved easily. I ordered the mushroom soup with the salmon entree and it was fine. I really wasn’t too hungry since I had a very late lunch and pretty much stuffed myself at the Star Alliance lounge before my flight.

After dinner service, the lights were turned off and everyone pretty much went to sleep. My inability to sleep on planes kicked in and I watched a few movies while taking breaks to work and rest my eyes a best as I could.

With about 90 mins left, breakfast was served and it was a nice spread of bread, fruit, quiche and some sort of pate thing. Again, service was quick and efficient.

No one flies for the food but breakfast wasn’t too shabby.  

Overall, I was fairly pleased. I know for some, nonstop flights are a huge bonus but for me, it really isn’t a deal breaker and I typically enjoy being able to walk around an airport even for a few minutes to break the monotony of long flights and stretch my legs.   But this was a nonstop from LA to Warsaw. It wasn’t my first choice of airline but given the great redemption rate and availability, I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to flying LOT again.

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