Bagan Lodge – Review

The Bagan Lodge is the perfect place to stay if you’re visiting the area.  Welcoming staff, great location, and comfortable rooms and amenities are just the tip of the iceberg to this resort.  

Bagan is clearly becoming more touristy and the area reflects that.  Sure there’s still a ways to go but overall, the area is feeling the effects of tourism.  The area has numerous hotels but none of the general Marriott/Hilton/Hyatt nature (at least as far as I’m aware). 

Airport pick up and check in 

I stayed at the Bagan Lodge and it was a pure delight.  It wasn’t the cheapest option (at around $100/night) but it was very much worth it.  I asked for a hotel shuttle to pick me up from the airport and they were already there waiting for me when I landed.  Also, I had to check in early (around 9:30am) because of my flight but the staff there were more than accommodating and enthusiastic to help.

From the moment I was picked up at the airport, the staff was incredibly welcoming.  During check in, they asked me to have a seat and brought be a drink so that I wouldn’t have to wait and stand.  The rest of the check in process was done in the seating area.  

What was really amazing was the staff to guest ratio.  I think there were 4 people helping me check in while I was the only guest there.  All were attentive and not just happy but eager to help.  You could also tell the staff were learning English and although they weren’t fluent, the amount of effort they put forward to communicate in English really put me to shame.  Needless to say, I was impressed. 

The room was gorgeous and spacious as it had a king bed, sitting area, 2 closets, along with a massive bathroom.  The rooms are set up as little individual cabins where you have 2 rooms to a a cabin. If you are traveling with your family, you could get 2 joining rooms for example and have the entire cabin to yourself.  

A great place to escape the heat after a full day of exploring.

Breakfast was included every morning and came with a choice of a Western option or a local option.  Both options offered a massive amount of food that couldn’t possibly be finished. At night, staff would come by for turn down service as well as offer more bottles of water and a snack.  There are also 2 pools, a spa, and a gym.

To explore the ruins, you can rent an e bike from the hotel for $10/day.  They’re electric powered scooters and only go so fast (but certainly go fast enough).  You can pay for a tour in a van but you really don’t want to do that.  The fun is in visiting the temples and exploring the interiors and trying to find which ones are still open to climb to the top.  Although many will tell you that climbing the temples is no longer allowed, there are still a few where they’re open.  

What made the Bagan Lodge great was not only the location, since it was incredibly close to the archaeological area but also the staff.  I don’t really care if a hotel staff speaks English or not since I don’t expect anyone to be fluent in English when it isn’t the native language.  However, I was impressed by not only their understanding of English but more importantly, how hard they tried to communicate to guests. I really appreciated the effort.  Add that to the exceptionally warm hospitality and I couldn’t help but have a relaxing stay here.

If you’re planning a trip to the area, I can’t recommend them highly enough.  It was a great place to relax after a full day of exploring around on an e bike and if the day got a little too warm, it was a nice midday escape.  

If you’re interested in staying here, please feel free to use my referral link here.

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