Cheapest Michelin Star Eatery

Michelin guides are considered by many to be the epitome of fine dining.  Joel Robuchon, Per Se, The French Laundry, Gordon Ramsey, and Sukiyabashi Jiro are just a few of the worldwide restaurants that have been honored with the coveted three stars.  However, within the last few years, Michelin has taken a different approach and has been recognizing more affordable eateries that don’t require a jacket or a deep pockets to enjoy.  

Liao Fan Hawker in Singapore is advertised to be the cheapest Michelin starred eatery in the world.  Located in the Chinatown district, this smally eatery is tucked away on a street corner next to a shopping mall.  Even if you don’t know exactly where this is, you’ll be able to tell based on the line of people waiting to order.  

The wait around 5pm.  

Here’s a tip:  there will inevitably be a long line outside as people wait to order.  However, just inside the front door is a kiosk where you can order via touchscreen (in English with pictures to make it super easy) and pay via credit card.  Now the kiosk is for take out only but to be honest, finding a table is going to be fairly difficult so just buy some water and find a shaded spot to eat outside.  The whole system is numbered so when you see your number come up, just walk to the counter and grab your food.

Since they’re known for their soy sauce chicken rice, I don’t think you can really come all this way to eat anything else right?  Since I was there and love roast pork, I ordered a side of that as well. I think the total came to about $8 (and in city like Singapore where prices can be a little expensive, this is really a steal especially for food this good).  

Obviously the food was great but you really don’t need another blog to tell you that.  

Hawker centers are abundant in Singapore and THE place to go if you want tasty, inexpensive meals.  If you’re in the Chinatown area, you might think about stopping by…your patience will be rewarded.  

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