Korean Airlines – First Class LAX-ICN

I was pretty excited about this trip. This was my first time flying Korean Airlines and my first time on an A380. I was really looking forward to finally getting a chance to fly in this engineering marvel.

The cabin has 3 rows in a 1-2-1 layout on the bottom floor of the aircraft. Behind is economy class while upstairs is entirely business class.

My first impression of the cabin was fairly meh. The color scheme reminds me of a waiting room at a doctor’s office. However, the seat has tons of storage and aside from the quirky light fixture that looks like it belongs on a tv spaceship, I found it to be functional.

Boarding started around 10:15pm and I was impressed at how quickly they can get people boarded on a plane this size. After take off, dinner service started but it wasn’t as heavy as you would expect which I appreciated since it was so late. After meal service, the cabin lights were turned off and everyone pretty much went to sleep.

Caviar starter…yummy!

After dinner, I decided to walk around the plane and explore. At the front of the first class cabin is a small bar where you can help yourself to all types of drinks and snacks. Up the forward staircase, there is a business class bar with an odd/awkward seating area. I could see that being a cool hangout if you’re with a few friends though. At the back is the large bar. A full drink menu with a flight attendant ready to pour drinks is available.  Basically the entire plane was asleep when I visited so I was the only one there to see.

Main bar area
Duty Free shop
First class bar area


I will say that from the start, the flight attendants were top notch. They all seemed like they were genuinely happy doing what they did. It really is surprising when you take the big 3 airlines in the US and the service we receive in an almost “take it or leave it” type of attitude vs. international carriers.

At the rear of the first floor is the duty free shop (another first) where you can browse a number of products.

What was really nice was when I said I wanted to walk around the plane, one of the flight attendants personally escorted me all around.   What a nice touch. I really wasn’t trying to get in their way but to take the time to walk me around was just nice.

I will say there are a couple things that are lacking though. First, there is no WiFi. I already knew that before the flight so I wasn’t surprised but it is shocking that it isn’t available especially with today’s technology.

The other disappointment was the entertainment menu.   Sure, movies were available but the selection was just lacking in my view. For a guy who never goes to the movies, it was perfectly fine to have on as background noise as I got some work done but for others I could see it being a boring.

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