Emirates First Class – ICN to DXB

So I’m sure everyone who is any sort of aviation fan has seen and read all there is to see regarding Emirates and their first class. I won’t bore anyone with a review that can be read elsewhere that’s better written but for me, it was my first time and boy was it fun.

The service was fantastic and the overall experience was just really fun. Also, showering at 40000 feet in the air is something you don’t get to do very often so I’d say that was worth it just for that experience alone. Sure the touches are over the top in a Liberace sort of way, but you can’t deny it’s fun.

obligatory caviar course
the famous bar
shower anyone?


What is really impressive about the flight is how extensive the entertainment selection is. Movies, TV shows, live TV, games, etc. It’s absolutely amazing. I have never seen a selection as massive anywhere.

The only thing I can add is that the shower suites have heated floors. Now that’s a nice touch.

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